Hello!  I am Nessa and I am a vintage Barbie doll collector.

I've been collecting vintage Barbie since I was 11 years old.. which let's just say was some time in the 1990s, before the great "Barbie Doll Boom And Bust of the Late-90s / Early 2000s."

My goal with starting this blog is to offer long-form, informational writing about Vintage Barbie, and hopefully connect some other collectors (and maybe new collectors) out there with this hobby.

I am far from an expert collector, but I would consider myself well versed in the hobby. My collection pales in comparison to many.  But I would like to share what I can... we'll see where it goes.  I am very open to other contributors to this blog or answering questions or discussing questions or mysteries.  However I would ask let's please not have any general doll ID questions, there are plenty of identification websites, many linked in the sidebar of this blog.