Monday, July 17, 2017

Mini TLC Barbie Haul

A little luck at the Fleas this weekend and found a junky Barbie haul... must have been from sisters because there were doubles of everything.  Nothing particularly fantastic, but they needed rescued so I was glad to oblige.

Poor, poor, junky Bubblecut Barbie has a beautiful titian bubble, but her nose and chin are nipped very badly.  She also has a bad necksplit.  I thought I'd try to repair her nose/chin with "the nail acrylic method" and see how it goes.  She's messed up badly so nothing to lose, really.  Her hair is so pretty so it's a shame her face is such a mess.

Ponytail Barbie fared a little better, with a lip rub and chopped hair....

Oh dear, someone chopped her ear as well.

Only one Ken, but the presence of two Ken jackets indicate there were probably two of them once upon a time.  He's in fairly good shape, but his leg keeps falling off.

There were two of these fairly-hard-to-find cases but unfortunately they are both in pretty crappy condition with rust, though the zippers aren't broken, just hard to use.

Lovely doubles of multiple mix-and-match PAK items, which does that make me happy?  Yes it does, because I flippin' love PAK stuff.  Some of it is kinda grimy but it should clean up no problem.

More PAK goodness.. the floral top is stained but it should come clean, to be honest.  I'll let you know how it goes when I get a chance to clean it up.

The pants were in the best shape overall.

Two PAK sweaters...

Filthy PAK playsuit (where's the other one?) and a dirty PAK silk sheath that needs the zipper repair.  Both will probably come clean with some effort, and the silk sheath can be repaired.  Too bad there weren't two silk sheaths, they're somewhat hard-to-find  (White is harder to find than the colors in my opinion.)

One PAK apron with one lonely rolling pin.  I have so many rolling pins!  But where have all the other utensils gone?

One Wig Wardrobe head was included with two out of three of the wigs.  The inside of her head is totally green from earrings but it hasn't seeped through her head (yet.)

There were also two full sets of ecru luggage (3/4 pieces shown here) which if you've read my previous entry, you know was actually sold with Samsonite branding.

Also included were some cute clone clothes, again in sets of two.  A few shoes, a mirror, a few Ken items.. but nothing really special... still... I have to adopt them, haha.

Kinda fun, right?

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