Saturday, July 9, 2016

Barbie's High Sierra Adventure - Flea Market Find

Another fun little flea market find.. this one from a few weeks ago, I think I paid $10.  It's Barbie's High Sierra Adventure playset from 1974.

I think it is pretty much complete.  It looks like Barbie on the box is wearing the shorts from #7702 Get Ups 'N Go - Camping, but I'm not sure about that.  Haven't been able to positively ID the top yet, but I'll edit this when and if I do.  That polka-dot fabric appeared in several outfits of the era.

Looks like a later Malibu Barbie with the later "ballerina style" arms.

I LOVE the little blurb on the box:

"Daytime is boat 'n hike time...
Nighttime is camp 'n sleeptite time...
And ALL the time is FUNTIME!"

The back of the box is a real treasure, the illustration and story about Barbie's trip is just so cute!  And boy, is she brave to be out camping in the middle of nowhere by herself.   Neither weapon or mace was included in the accessories, haha!

Some of the goodies in the box... the little green plate of eggs isn't from the original set but some kiddo stuck it in Barbie's backpack!  Funny story about the orange plate.. the nice lady who sold me the set at the flea market found it separately and kept it for me until she saw me again a few weeks later. :)  

Here's the pots and pans, and cups and mugs.  They all snap together in a stack and fit snuggly into Barbie's back pack.

Here's the camp stove and lantern.  I suppose Barbie could carry the lantern, but there's no way that camp stove is fitting on her pack!

Here's the very nice and very clever backpack... a fabric pack with cardboard liner fits over a plastic frame.  Barbie's sleeping bag rolls up and slides into the bottom.  Really nice quality for the era.  I didn't bother to unroll the sleeping bag, because it is thin vinyl and would probably never flatten out again.  The green fabric pack ties shut with a piece of twill.  There are also pockets on the side to hold Barbie's shovel or other items.

Here's Barbie's fishing pole which has no string.

Barbie's boat is molded orange plastic and has some special foam inserts in the bottom to keep it above water.  Yes, it really does float!

The tent is a yellow vinyl piece that slides over a 3-piece plastic frame.  A junky Malibu Barbie I got at the flea market a few weekends ago is serving as model here.    Also, there's no way Barbie's going to be able to carry that tent so I hope she brought that in her car or camper. :)

Can you see the cute pocket on the side of the backpack?

More close-ups of the accessories.

Junky Barbie is wearing Best Buy #7823's top and Best Buy #9154's pants.

Here's the back of the backpack so you can see how it all hooks on there.

The side of the box lists the contents: tent and frame, sleeping bag, backpack, boat, backpack frame, lantern, frying pan, plate, tackle box, fishing pole, paddle, 2 pots, campstove, canteen, shovel.

Note that the dishes and mugs aren't listed in the contents so I think maybe a little girl added them. Otherwise this set seems 100% complete!

I'll close with some somewhat lousy pictures of the instructions.. I'll try to add better quality scans at some point:

Basic assembly of items instructions.

It has a pattern to use to cut out the cardboard to put in Barbie's pack.  Thankfully nobody cut it out!  (Though somebody did make a cardboard liner for the pack.

How to fold up the sleeping bag.  Not an easy operation so mine is staying rolled up where it is.

Assembly of the tent and boat.

I hope you enjoyed this look at this playset!  I have never seen anything about it before so it's definitely a fun addition to your Barbie collection.  You can have lots of fun photography opportunities with this one.

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