Sunday, July 31, 2016

Today's Flea Market Find - (07-31-2016)

Fresh from the fleas is this lovely ponytail Barbie:

The guy at the flea market (really, more of an antiques/collectibles show) had a large number of nice vintage Barbie dolls for pretty cheap.  I'm wishing I would have bought a few more now, but I only had so much cash on me.. ugh.. I am kicking myself in the butt right now!

ANYWAY.. this pretty girl, I'm going to call a #3/#4 transitional doll.  She has the rubbery-type arms and legs, nice soft brows, and the solid-body torso.  She has the typical faded-to-orangey lips that are often seen on #1s, #2s, and #3s.  Blue liner.  Torso might be slightly faded/blotchy white in parts.

No green.. just a few flaws.  Nice thick hair, flocked scalp... little curly soft bangs.

She's a beauty and was not that expensive.  So, I'm glad.

Obviously I haven't cleaned her up yet but she's very lovely.

Her nails also have some of the fading-to-orange look.  She wasn't wearing this when I bought her.

Not a very good picture of her face showing the bit of orangey fading to the lips, but otherwise her face is not bad.

Re-styling the ponytail will be the worst part....I've done it before but never on such a nice doll.

What dolls did I leave behind?

Sadly, the guy also had a lovely and in pretty-good-shape lemon blonde American Girl Barbie which I'm wishing I would have bought now.  The price was pretty reasonable.

Also, he had a Color Magic midnight/redhead which unfortunately her poor hair was chopped down to super short, basically ruined.  Too bad because I don't have a Color Magic in my collection and would have bought her in a minute if it weren't for the chopped hair.

He had a couple of nice bend-leg bodies, some TNT dolls and mod-era Kens.  A Barbie head on a Francie body... etc.

Besides the Ponytail shown here, the Lemon American Girl was probably the best in the lot.  Sadly, not many clothes or accessories or anything, which is really my main focus collecting-wise right now.

Oh, and he had a ton of Dawn dolls & accessories/clothes too.  I'm trying to cut back on my Dawn collecting unless it's very cheap or something I really want, because I have soooo many Dawns now!  Haha. :)  

Anyway this guy was really nice, willing to cut me a deal and wearing a "Han Shot First" T-shirt. Such a refreshing change from the sorta-kinda-jerks I sometimes have to bargain with at the flea market.

I hope he's there next time and hasn't sold the American Girl because I'm really sorry I didn't buy it. 
-_-  I wish I had given him my card.

I don't have a nice American Girl in my collection.  I have one, but she has a broken knee and faded lips (my fault.. I treated green ear and inadvertently bleached out her lips.)

I have a couple of bend-leg Midge dolls that are willing to sacrifice a body if I ever find a nice American Girl head, though.

They always say it's what you don't buy that you regret.  I guess that's true.

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